March 2011 Update

March 2011 Update

So my ma calls me the other day and tells me its -27C at home (Toronto, Canada). And right after cringing and being thankful we aren’t up there right now. We got to thinking, isn’t it supposed to be spring!?!? Like snow melting, flowers growing, spring break = spring? We don’t really know if its spring or not because the weather never changes much here from day to day (Mountain View, California). But we are pretty sure that one one of the things we learned in grade 3 was that girls punch you when they like you, but also that March = spring, and spring = new and fresh (not -27C!). So in the interest of spring, of new, fresh, and exciting, we figured it was about time we sent around another email!

The first big piece of news is that we have finally got users! About a week ago we launched our closed Alpha, which is super exciting for us. To be finally working with our users building the tools they want and need, and to have this incredible base to build on top of is just awesome. We are working tirelessly to add every feature requested, respond to every email, and get the tool to the point where its useful and not just super cool. And I must say we are so grateful for all the incredible feedback! Thanks again to our Alpha users – we really do appreciate it!

So in the interest of setting ourselves up for a lot of sleepless nights ;), I thought I would layout the next big milestone for us. We want to go public as soon as possible. We want to scale, and grow and provide value to as many users as we can. But right now the tool isn’t ready. The following are the tasks and improvements that we are working on right now, and the features that we think once we have, we will be able to open up to a much wider audience. We will probably call this our Beta.

  • Attribute labels

    : This one is a pretty trivial issue. It should be done in an hour or so ;), but without it, its pretty hard to do anything useful!

  • Part editor / Symbol editor / Attribute editor

    : This feature will allow people to start contributing content to the system. You will actually be able to get in there and create the parts the library is missing.

  • Export Netlist / PDF

    : We think this is pretty important to people, and we think its going to be pretty fast to churn out. It might not be super complete early on, but this feature will allow you to add Upverter to your workflow.

  • Public Embed-able Viewer

    : We think this is one of the secrets to getting a ton of people interested in what we are doing. This feature would allow users to add a schematic to their blog, or instructables posting.

  • Import Eagle / Altium Files

    : We are scared of this one. We have no idea how much work its going to be. But as our most requested feature we are working to add it in as soon as possible.

And thats really it for the update! We are continuing to invite people everyday to join the tools and give us feedback and so far the response continues to  be incredible, people really are dying to have better tools! We are here in Mountain View hacking away for another month, and we are enjoying our time, learning lots, and meeting tons of incredible people. It really is a very powerful startup scene down here, and we are so grateful to get to participate in that. Oh, and if you haven’t yet gotten an Alpha key, and you want one, send me an email and we will get you in there right away! Cheers, The Upverters

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