Design of The Week – December 11th

This week I found a great design that helps with the efficiency of Airsoft pistols and rifles.  As an Airsofter (cough, cough … I am terrible at it) I was really excited to see that we had a design that was modding Airsoft grips to make them more efficient.  The design that I am speaking of is the [WIP] Airsoft Thermostat by bachelarius.
bachelarius describes the project as:

Design of the Week! – December 3rd

There have been a lot of kick ass designs that have been made since we launched.  I really want to share with out a design every week that I think stands out.  So every week I am going to give you the design of the week.  There is a lot of catching up to do, so for the first few, I am going to do a little searching through both designs that are made during the week and design that have been made previously.  If you find any designs that you think are great and we should feature shoot me an e-mail, I would love to hear about it!

Real-Time Collaboration & Shared Designs

For the first time, hardware can be collaborative in real time! Work on a design with your team, in real time! See what they are editing while you edit!
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Add your team by username or email to invite them to work with you on your design. It has never been easier to add people to your design!And while we were at it, we thought that we should give the project pages a face lift! So we called on our design surgeon to give us the great new look that you can see here.

Plus, we’ve added a ton of awesome features that you should know about!

  • Favouriting parts: We are making it easier to find parts that you know and like to use. Search will be taking this into account when you are logged in.  I can’t wait to see my favourites skyrocket to top of search!
  • Tutorials: We’ve created a tutorial section to help you navigate the site and use our features.
  • Easier part creation: Introducing mouseless part creation! When editing pins on a part, just press enter to save it and go to the next pin, all the way around the part.
  • Fork with history: Design history is now copied when you fork a design. Try forking one of our featured designs. And while you’re at it, take a look at the project fork list on the project page.
  • Gravatars: We’ve hooked up your profiles to Gravatar. If you didn’t have a Gravatar, you get a little robot!
  • Increased tool stability: We’ve been busy making lots of improvements to the schematic capture tool, to increase its stability and help us track down bugs in the future.
  • Netlist and export fixes: Some designs would not export netlists or to our open JSON format, but we’ve been good little beavers and this has been fixed.
  • Now with more exclamation marks!

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Maintenance Tonight, Exciting News Next Week!

image by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

UPDATE: We have started, the servers will be back up in about 30 min

UPDATE 2: The servers are now back up

We are getting to release a major feature next week… but please don’t tell anyone; it is very hush hush! As a part of this we need to do some server/database overhauls, so we are going be doing maintenance tonight, Friday November 11th, at 10 pm EST. We expect the servers to be down about 30min, so they should be up by 11 pm EST (or if you are good at math, 10:30).

Import and Export, Upverter Open JSON File Format and Search!

Our army of Orcs have been slaving away in their caverns lately*, churning out features and fixes that we believe will make your experience even better. Here are just a few that we’ve rolled out.


I’m very excited to officially announce the release of the most requested feature since our launch: import and export.  Right from the start, our goal was to build a system that was open and collaborative.  With that in mind, we have created the Upverter Open JSON File Format.  We believe that this is the first step to interoperability in the schematic diagram space.  We will be building tools to convert between the Upverter Open File Format and other schematic diagram tools.  Documentation for the the Upverter Open File Format can be found at

Why JSON? The short answer is interoperability.  JSON is easy to parse in most programming languages, and easy to understand when you look at it.

Next Level Search

We’ve had a lot of requests for a better search tool, so we devoted some time to improving it.  Now, searches entered in the header will search not only the parts library, but also designs and users.  Searching the parts library is also more intelligent now – just try searching for “1500ohm resistor yageo”.  We plan on adding a lot more data to the search pipeline so that it can be even better.

Net List Export

You can now see your net list on the project page and export them to csv files.

And many, many more…

There have been lots of small improvements in the past few weeks: we reskinned the explore page and added the explore button to the user dashboard; we corrected the follow and follower count on user pages; we did a huge overhaul of our backend for better performance and stability.

We are always working on making things better around here, and currently we’re doing that by working down the list of features and fixes that you have requested. We’d like to thank all of our users for giving us great feedback and helping us improve the tool and community. Please continue to let us know what you think! You can leave feedback online or by email.

* No Orcs were unjustly harmed in the making of these features.