Design of The Week – December 11th

This week I found a great design that helps with the efficiency of Airsoft pistols and rifles.  As an Airsofter (cough, cough … I am terrible at it) I was really excited to see that we had a design that was modding Airsoft grips to make them more efficient.  The design that I am speaking of is the [WIP] Airsoft Thermostat by bachelarius.
bachelarius describes the project as:

Design of the Week! – December 3rd

There have been a lot of kick ass designs that have been made since we launched.  I really want to share with out a design every week that I think stands out.  So every week I am going to give you the design of the week.  There is a lot of catching up to do, so for the first few, I am going to do a little searching through both designs that are made during the week and design that have been made previously.  If you find any designs that you think are great and we should feature shoot me an e-mail, I would love to hear about it!

Sleep n’ Tweet

The Sleep n’ Tweet is basically just an Arduino with an Ethernet shield that keeps track of your vitals (movement + heart rate) as you sleep. I haven’t push it nearly as far as it could go, think of it more as a working prototype than a polished product – but the potential is huge! It could be used to track vitals at any time and tweet anything you want according to whatever filters you put on it. It could be manufactured to be very, very small. And it could also be stuck to just about anything to check for movement and IR or flow changes – but for now we’ll stick to sleep.
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