“The Jade Robot”


Mimetic’s Chief Roboticist Myke Predko recently stopped by our office to share with us their newest creation – The Jade Robot.
And you guys, it’s pretty awesome. Even the people at Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show thought so:

Created as an exciting, hands-on learning tool for kids interested in programming and robotics, Jade packs some serious technology: a 32-bit processor, spectrometer, advanced obstacle sensors, built-in USB and Bluetooth interfaces, as well as optional cameras and grippers. Look at it like a mini Mars’ Curiosity Rover.

Like us, Mimetics is all about open source. All of Jade’s electrical technology and designs are available on Upverter, while all its code is available on their site. Check out the schematic:


The Jade Robot is an advanced interactive tool that supports curriculums in science, math, and technology. In order to create the most engaging device possible, the robot was developed from years of real world feedback at over 600 youth workshops. Make sure to check out Jade in action at Toronto’s Ontario Science Center and soon at the Challenger Learning Centers across North America.

The Open Activity Tracker / Fitbit Clone – Final Review

Hi guys,

We worked on the PCB layout but we didn’t manage to drag it across the finish line at the end of our weekly hour-long live design session last Wednesday.

Zak spent a couple of hours on it over the long week-end and it looks good now! We will review it one last time tonight before ordering a few prototypes this week!

We are now looking for people interested in jumping into the software side of the project. If you are interested, please feel free to drop us an email or a tweet!

See you tonight at 8:30pm EDT for the live session, right here!

The Open Activity Tracker / Fitbit Clone – Part 4

Hi guys,

So, we didn’t actually manage to finish the board in time tonight but we came close. We had to go through some unexpected changes on the schematic side (thanks to some of you who took time to add notes on the design review) and we then started the layout but we couldn’t finish on time. So, we will add another session next week. Probably on Tuesday night, we will confirm the date and time asap

If you could not watch it live, here is the replay. Thanks again to for giving us a hand today!

Design of the Week by a-whitehead

Design of the Week by a-whitehead

Check out the totally awesome LaunchPad BoosterPack for Seeed Studio’s Grove designed by Akeem Whitehead.

A few words about the design.

Seeed Studio’s Grove I/O Expansion BoosterPack is designed to enable interfacing between Texas Instruments (TI) LaunchPads and the Grove modular electronics ecosystem. To provide a straightforward means of evaluating single function modules, such as sensors, actuators, and displays, with the embedded intelligence of a microcontroller platform, the Grove BoosterPack will streamline the process for entry level users, students, and hobbyists. Though oriented towards TI’s 40-pin LaunchPad series, the Grove BoosterPack will also perform on TI’s 20-pin LaunchPad series with a limited number of connectors.

The Grove BoosterPack’s full listing of features includes:

  • Selectable module supply voltage of 3.3V or 5V
  • Approximately 100 Grove modules to select from
  • Shrouded, 4-pin buckle connectors to lock-in modules
  • 23 total connectors
    • 13 Digital connectors
    • 7 Analog connectors
    • 3 Specialized connectors (UART, SPI, and I2C)

For more information on TI’s LaunchPads, visit www.ti.com/launchpad

For more information on Seeed Studio’s Grove, visit http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-t-3.html?ref=top

Akeem, who are you?

I am an Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments. I am a new hire to the company, having just recently graduated from Texas A&M University this last May. I have been involved in technical projects ranging from emergency response robotics, medical labor monitors, and spacecraft power management.

I enjoy each step of the product development cycle for every conceptual design I am involved in, which includes the initial brainstorming sessions, the software and hardware solution implementations, and customer interfacing.

Now that I have the time to pursue personal projects outside of work, I strive to become an amateur inventor within the next few months, and share my ideas with others to potentially produce a product I can take to market myself.


The Open Activity Tracker / Fitbit Clone – Part 3

Hi guys,

We are getting closer! The schematic side of the design is done. We added an e-ink display to the device yesterday and hooked up everything. It looks good and we will now focus on the PCB layout in our next live design session!

We opened a new design review so feel free to take a look at the schematic and drop us a few notes in case we missed something! Your feedback from last week has been really helpful, thank you again!

In case you couldn’t attend the live broadcast yesterday night, below is the replay. We had a few rough minutes in the beginning because of our Internet connection but it got better after we restarted the router!


The Design

Design of the Week #4 – Reconfigurable Computer



This week we decided to feature the Reconfigurable Computer by shs2017.

Jackson a.k.a shs2017 is a 14 years old ‘self taught programmer and electronic engineer’. He joined Upverter in March. He has been working on the Reconfigurable Computer project lately when he is not at school or playing sports.

“I’m designing it because if you make a computer to reconfigure it’s self in hardware for each individual task it will be exponentially faster especially for mobile tasks. This started of as a learning project and has know become an attempt for an actual product. And any help on this from the community would be appreciated”

he said when we asked him about his current work.

You can check the design and add your comments right here!


The Open Activity Tracker / Fitbit Clone – Part 2

Hi all,

Thank you for all of your precious feedback after last week’s live design! We are broadcasting the next steps of the project tomorrow night – starting @9:30 pm ET. We are happy to announce that Chris Gammell will join us and jump into the design with Steve and Mike. The live stream will be available right here! Stay tuned!

You guys sent us many emails with very interesting pieces of advice this week. For that new live design session we are hoping to interact and gather your thoughts as the project evolves. Feel free to drop us your comments via the Twitter live feed below!