May update is live

Hello Upverter community!

We are very excited to announce that the May update of Upverter is now live! This latest update represents a huge platform improvement, effectively re-architecting Upverter to enable us to bring greater development resources to deliver new features and capabilities but also to maintain Upverter to a higher standard.  Right out of the box, we have added a number of cool features to this first update, which will give you a sense of what to expect in future.

So, what’s included in this update?


  • New PCB Rendering Engine – Switching from HTML Canvas to WebGL allowed us to provide a much faster and smoother rendering experience. Open any board (the bigger the better!) and see it for yourself.
  • 3D – As part of the new rendering engine, we’ve also introduced a new geometrical model. This model holds the same primitives in 3D and 2D, which enables almost instantaneous switching between both in the PCB tool.
  • Altium Powered IPC Wizard – The new IPC footprint wizard in Upverter is powered by the Altium Engine. It’s the same engine we use in all of our Altium products. Just open up the part editor and press the “Generate a footprint” button on the toolbar.
  • New Polygon Pour Engine – This engine is faster and works properly even in the case of complex pours. In addition:
    • Pouring is now done on the server-side
    • Hatched pours use traces
  • As part of our efforts to bring Upverter and Circuitmaker together (read more about this here) we changed the following things:
    • PTH and padstack now have more options and support different shapes per layer.
    • A global keep out layer has been added

Projects Gallery

The Upverter Project Gallery has been reworked entirely. We started from scratch and besides some of the noticeable cosmetic changes, we’ve also added features like:

  • Projects Metrics – Views, likes, forks, and comments can now be used to further explore and engage with designs.
  • Comments – These are now supported for both projects and parts
  • Rich-text descriptions – You can now add rich-text descriptions to your parts and designs.
  • New dashboard – See not only your library and projects but your teams as well.
  • Unified Search – Simplifies the search process for projects and parts.

We hope you enjoy this update and benefit from what we’ve done. If you have any feedback, comments, or questions for us please reach out, we would love to hear from you!

Igor & The Upverter Team

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