Upverter Workshop – Bluetooth Throwie


Here’s some information that should be of some help during the Upverter Workshop.

1: Setting up your account

2: Forking the Workshop Design

After logging in, check the link below. You’ll find the BTLE design we’ll be working with. In the right side bar labelled ‘issues’, there are some tips on what to do.


3: Building your design. 

When searching for modules in the Parts Library, make sure to search for “CC2541 under the ‘modules’ tab. You’ll find the three tools you’ll need for the workshop:  CC2541 Power Supply | CC2541 Bluetooth LE | CC2541 Accelerometer


4: Connecting the Circuit.

Okay. So you’ve finished inserting your modules. Now you’ve got to connect them!

Under the PCB Layout section, select the copper, line up your parts correctly, and that’s all! You’ve just created a lightweight bluetooth device!

Here’s a Link to the Slideshow.

Follow along the workshop, and call us over if you need anything.

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