Your Parts, Your Way.

Parts are now even easier to manage in Upverter!

Over the last few months we’ve received a lot of amazing feedback from our customers about their daily workflow in Upverter.  We’ve listened closely and are excited to announce a few big enhancements to help you seamlessly manage parts and designs!

Today we’re introducing the personal Parts Library and Contexts.


Starting today, every user and team will have their own, private, personal Parts Library.  This Library is yours and yours alone.  You can get a great head start by adding components to your Library from Upverter’s large central Database.  In fact, this happens automatically as you add parts to your schematic.  How does all of this help you?  You now have full control over your parts.  You can edit them as you wish without impacting other users or being impacted by them.  If a part is corrected in the central Database, you’ll receive a notification and can choose to accept the change into your library or not.  This is especially useful to users who are very particular about how they style their schematic symbols.

Learn more details about using your personal Parts Library.

Today we’ve also enabled Contexts.  Many users work on designs as part of a team and/or individually.  The Contexts feature makes it easy to choose where you want to work.  You can switch to your team context to access all your team designs and your team parts library.  Similarly, you can switch back to your personal context to do personal work.  Your context is always displayed so it’s very clear where you’re working at all times.  This helps you stay organized.

Learn more about using Contexts.

We’re really grateful for the incredible feedback you keep sending us.  We carefully consider every email and live chat message, and continually strive to help you design hardware faster and with higher quality.

You may have also heard all the fuss recently about Google’s Mobilegeddon…

Well, we’re excited to announce that Upverter is now mobile-friendly!  Your Dashboard, Project Pages, Parts Library and more are all accessible and responsive on your phone and tablet.

Check it out on your mobile device!

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