Share Hardware Projects without Screenshots or Dropbox

Let’s face it: uploading schematics from your EDA to a fileserver is pretty goofy. Maybe not as goofy as pasting screenshots, but goofy nonetheless.

If you’re sharing with something like Dropbox, everyone needs to have a compatible EDA to even view your design, and you have to muck around with privileges within your file server to make sure only the right people get access.

If you’re using screenshots, all hope is lost: nobody can zoom in; search is impossible; and good luck inspecting the attributes of anything.

Enter Upverter.

Whether you’re posting a design review on a forum, communicating with your manufacturer, or just showing off: Upverter gives you the power to truly share your design with anyone on any platform. When you grant access to a group or make a design public, you’re empowering colleagues and friends to make a difference.


Designs shared on Upverter:

  • Are fully searchable. You can search for any reference designator, part number, net name, or issue in the entire design and navigate directly to it.
  • Are completely navigable. You can pan and zoom in on any part of either the schematic or PCB. No nasty screenshot pixels!
  • Can be cross-probed. Select anything on the schematic and slam tab: you’re magically transported to the layout-side representation of your selection.
  • Can evaluate design rules. If you just hand me a file from another EDA, I don’t share your constraint setup. On Upverter, anyone interacting with your design gets to see exactly the same design rule reports you see.
  • Can be annotated. With the right permissions, shared designs can be marked up with our Issues Management tools. Others can highlight a region on your schematic or PCB they think is a problem and start a discussion about it – without leaving the tool!

All accounts start with a 14-day trial, and we offer a community edition for unlimited non-commercial open source hardware designs free of charge.

Learn how to import from EagleAltium Designer, or OrCAD Capture.

To learn more about how Upverter can accelerate electronics design, watch our superpowers video:

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