State of the Upverter

We have some good news we’ve been sitting on for a little while we thought we might share with you today.

Our Product

From September to December, we went on a major feature push, rounding out the set of functionality our most demanding users needed.  In case you missed them, here’s a sample of what we released this fall:

Today, we’re able to confidently say we’re at parity in terms of the complexity and sophistication of design that’s possible – meaning we’re able to reach out to an ever broader market.


Sometime in October we hit an inflection point in terms of growth:


The growth in users, usage, and designs correlates well to two things: the consistent release of new features in the fall, as well as our intense focus on client stability.

We’re also excited to reveal another metric:  we surpassed 30,000 designs in 2014.  Stay tuned for a milestone announcement in that area!


We’re humbled to have been selected by PwC as one of Canada’s Top 10 Up-and-Coming technology companies.


Code doesn’t write itself*, so we’ve had to reinforce our team to keep up with the demand for development.  Here’s us looking casual on a beautiful November afternoon in Toronto:


*When code begins to write itself, we send Steve to bed.

What’s Next

In 2014, we underwent a transition from serving a more hobbyist-centric group to an industrial-grade tool professional engineers want to use: we built hundreds of new features and developed a robust infrastructure to make sure we could deliver.  We started to win enterprise trials and our users began to spread the word in earnest.

We have ambitious goals for 2015.  We think there’s a huge contribution we can make to the management of engineering data.  We think our sales team has everything they need to bring enterprise clients onboard even faster.

Just to reiterate where we are trying to end up: engineers continue to get worse at designing physical things as those things continue to get more and more complex; the tools are holding us back. There is going to be a disruption to the way professional engineers work together. There is going to be a massive public repository for libraries, modules, reference designs, layouts, etc. There will be a design community. And finally a cloud based design tool. A platform that combines collaboration, data-sharing, and cloud design – amplified through the network effects of a community, is not only incredibly necessary, but inevitable.

And we’re determined to make Upverter that platform.  By building the best experience we know how, by continuing to innovate for a diverse market, and by earning the trust of our fellow engineers.

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