Open Source Universal Remote on Upverter

Open Source Universal Remote

In an effort to teach himself a bit about embedded microcontrollers and electronics, Upverter user and generally-a-software-guy Alex Bain set out to start the Open Source Universal Remote project, a web-enabled device to control all your infrared devices. He has carefully chronicled every step of the process, outlining his learnings from every iteration of the design while building the electronics on Upverter (it’s one of our most forked open designs!).

Today, Alex is looking to get a boost from the open source community. He’s looking for contributors to help out with improving and expanding the scope of the project, including a 3D printable enclosure and bolstering the web interface and API.

If you’re interested in building your own universal remote, or to simply get started on hardware with a cool project, click here to fork a copy of the design on Upverter. Be sure to check out Alex’s blog and Open Source Universal Remote for more info on how you can get involved!,actionId=

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