Manufacturing with Upverter

Manufacturing with Upverter

Building the greatest EDA tool on the planet doesn’t just stop at our schematic capture and PCB layout editor. We know the importance of bridging the gap between an electrical design and that same idea in the physical world. There’s also a whole other phase of bringing up a design–probing, testing, debugging–that can only be done once you go past that daunting line of manufacturing.

To help you do this, Upverter comes well-equipped with a number of exporting options that will make the transition easy and error-free. You’ll find all of the downloadable file formats on your project’s page under the last tab, “Download Associated Files”:

Download Associated Files

Often times, all that your manufacturer needs are gerber files. Simply click on the download icon and get a neatly zipped up folder with all the appropriate gerber files corresponding to the PCB’s layer.

If you’re looking to have your PCB assembled, we provide pick-and-place files for just that! The Bill of Materials, generated as a CSV file, is also just a click away. If your manufacturer also wants the project’s schematic, you can either download a PNG or simply send them a link to the project–one of the many perks of being a tool that can be accessed through your browser!

In a recent IEEE Spectrum article on cloud-based EDA tools, Upverter was put to the test, from design to finished PCB: “As a test, I designed a small board for an overlay display system for a first-person video project I’m working on. I exported the manufacturing files and had it fabricated through OSH Park. And I was delighted to see that the three boards I received 12 days later for US $7 each came out just fine.” Needless to say, we passed the test!

So the next time you’re ready to make the jump, take a look at our exporting options and see how easy it is to get your idea from screen to life.

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