We built an Open Source RF Transceiver Module

Open Source RF Transceiver Module

Here at Upverter, it’s no secret that we’re big believers in the Open Source movement, especially in hardware. We believe in the power of accessible design and the importance of keeping things iterative to encourage innovation and adaptability.

That’s why we’ve designed and built an RF Transceiver Module on Upverter! And we want to see what you can do with it.

The module uses Texas Instrument’s CC110L chip and is tuned to work at 433 MHz with a frequency range between 300 and 928MHz. The schematic and layout design were completely built on Upverter, making inter-office collaboration a breeze (if you check out the project activity feed, you can see that even Zak hopped on to contribute!). From the gerber files, we got a few printed circuit boards manufactured which our tireless hardware engineering intern Willian hand-assembled (!) using a make-shift soldering station.

You can find the design files completely up-to-date and instantly forkeable on Upverter (Bigger PCB version).

For tips on how to set up your own make-shift lab, click here for our guide!


Design on Upverter


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