New features & tool upgrades!

New features and tool upgrades

As always, our awesome team of engineers has been working tirelessly to make Upverter the best tool for designing hardware today. New features and impromvenets are being built everyday to make your experience with us as smooth, intuitive, and productive as possible.

Here’s a roundup of the cool new things you can now do with Upverter!

PS: Got an idea for a new feature? Something you wish we could do that would make your job way easier? Tell us all about it at

Introducing the Design Report

The quickest and easiest way to get insight into your design!

The Report 
not only lays out the essentials – number of parts, nets, layers, and board dimensions – but also automatically calculates how electrically complete your design is: You’ll know which pins are left unconnected, which components are missing footprints, how connected your nets are in layout, and even which design rules (if any) are being violated.

Check out how your projects score right now!

Design Report

3D Render and Export

Your designs are much more than just 2D images on your screen. Flip to the 3D Render tab on your project page and see your board and components represented as a 3D model! You can even export an STL file of your design to jump to the next step in bringing your idea to the real world.

Allegro Layout

Have a project built using Allegro? Now you can import your Allegro design files and enjoy all that Upverter has to offer, from the world’s easiest way to do design review to our one-click prototyping checkout.

We can also handle projects that span multiple pages. The editor can display page anchors and offer an easy way to navigate around your imported design.


And more

  • Easily replicate a previously created via or trace with Classes. Double-click on a new via/trace and automatically apply its attributes without punching in a single digit.
  • Save a load of design and debugging time by cross-probing between layout and schematic. Select a component and instantly verify its placement and relations on both sides of the editor.
  • Connections that were drawn as a series of traces can be auto-annealed to respond as one length of trace.
  • We’ve defaulted the editor to display pin number and name on mouseover, letting you know which pad you’re connecting with a quick hover.
  • We’ve cut down the steps in changing a symbol’s name and value to just two clicks! Just double-click on the attribute and type in what you need – and it’s done!
  • Get accurate dimension readings with our new Measure Tool (m). Place your parts exactly where you want them, down to the fourth decimal place!
  • To keep your schematic diagrams looking neat and legible, we’ve added a few new connection markers. Be sure to check out our Schematic Style Guide to learn more about how to draw clean, error-proof schematics.


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