Crowdrooster Interview

Crowdrooster Interview

Crowdrooster Interview


1. To begin, what is Crowdrooster? Who are you guys?


 is the new social store for post-crowdfunding hardware. When hardware startups finish their crowdfunding campaign they can switch their product immediately to our site. They can continue to take orders and at the same time keep that hard-won fan base engaged with our social functions.

Often, startups do two things post crowdfunding: set up their own e-commerce site, and set up a forum for fan feedback. No need anymore, Crowdrooster has both covered.

Since all these post-crowdfunding products will create a buzzing marketplace with all the freshest tech, we’re gonna be a great place for tech shoppers and early adopters to hang out. Shoppers on our store will get all the best connected tech all in one place but more than that, we want to involve them in iterating the products by creating a culture of collaboration.

Crowdrooster is all about keeping that spirit of swarm innovation alive from a great campaign. We really want early adopters to stay involved and help evolve the products they buy on our site.

2. What’s your business model?

First and foremost our business model is built around an awesome marketplace to showcase all the great connected hardware coming out. We will take a very reasonable slice on each transactions from the marketplace. Clean and simple.

3. What’s the biggest problem that Crowdrooster solves?

We solve the problem of hardware startups not getting any traction after crowdfunding. Yes, you could take orders on your own site but you’ll need more than technology; you’ll need a new audience and to keep your old audience involved. That’s where Crowdrooster comes in.

4. What’s your approval process in getting a product to your platform?

Products need to match our simple criteria: They must be connected or wearable hardware. We like to see a successful crowdfunding campaign behind products but it isn’t necessary.

5. How do you see Crowdrooster playing a part in the hardware revolution? What’s the big vision?

This is the age of the indie hardware renaissance. New startups and products are springing up everywhere. Where once only giants dared, it is now suddenly possible for indie hardware to get to market. Still the question has to be how and why? The answer is there is this new production path for hardware. Crowdfunding, rapid prototyping, access to manufacturing and the exploding potential of have come together to create a new route to market. Currently there is a gaping hole in this new hardware production funnel. Once a product crowdfunds itself there is no suitable platform to immediately switch to. Crowdrooster fills that gap. Our mission is to provide life after crowdfunding, giving hardware a new online home to continue taking orders and collaborating with their fans on their way to scale.


Want to contact Crowdrooster?

Crowdrooster is in beta right now but they’d love to hear from you. If you’re a startup with a product to list, write to

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