1571 new features & improvements, 90% faster.

Hi guys,

2013 was an insanely busy year for us at Upverter. Our software engineers worked incredibly hard to release more than 1,500 features, bug fixes, and improvements. They went through 924 code reviews and pushed more than 12,000 builds. We are really proud and excited to announce the best and most powerful version of Upverter. Ever. And we want to share with you some of the most significant features we introduced in the last 12 months.

A more stable platform

  • High-performance data format: We’ve upgraded to a high-performance data format for faster load times and better tool responsiveness.
  • Decreased load time for recently opened designs: Open designs that have been launched in the last hour in a snap.
  • Asynchronous rendering: Smoother panning and zooming for even the most complex designs.

Design tools

  • Hierarchical Design: Upverter makes reuse of design subcomponents easy with modules. Edit and make fixes to all modules from one place. You can also plug them into completely new designs, too.
  • Hierarchy Navigation: A pane in our sidebar for quickly navigating modules.
  • Real-time net routing: Move a component and see how its connected nets will be affected before placing.
  • Click-and-place vias: Position vias exactly where you want them with a single click.
  • Snap-and-align: Placing components and vias is quicker and more accurate.
  • Busses: Keep your schematic and workspace legible and clean.
  • Net search and parts search: Quickly locate specific nets and parts in your design.
  • Quick pan: Press the spacebar down to easily navigate around your infinite canvas.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: We have 30+ shortcuts to help you design faster. You can pull it up by clicking on the question mark icon at the top-right corner of your editor.
  • Arcs in polygons and traces: Rounded corners, curved traces, circular boards. They’re all possible.
  • Advanced dialog for board outline: Specify exactly where the vertices of your board outline should go.
  • Design Rule Checking: Upverter notifies you of any design mistakes in real-time, letting you make fixes before it’s ever a problem.
  • Customize your design rule parameters: We can work with custom design rules, too! Simply input your specification and you’re good to go.
  • Footprint Generator: Select a configuration and enter the dimension values to automatically create a footprint to match your component.
  • Ground pads: Easily incorporate ground pads into any new part you create.
  • Part History: See any and all revisions made to a part. Easily update your design with the latest version of the part with a click of a button.
  • CSV pin name import: Upverter creates a configurable, alphanumeric grid of pins which can be mapped to a CSV file for automatic pin naming.

Design Review

  • Clear annotation: Identify issues directly on your design so that there’s never a confusion.
  • Comment thread: Talk about a specific issue with your team for possible solutions.
  • Issues list: Your issues get neatly compiled as a list on the right-hand side of the editor.
  • Assign issues: Divvy up the work by assigning specific issues to team members.
  • Export: Your list of issues can be exported in CSV format.
  • Access Control List: Have full control of who can access and edit a design.

Import + Export

  • OrCAD: Our custom plug-in lets you export design files directly from OrCAD Capture and into Upverter
  • Altium: Import your Altium schematic design and get started on Upverter in minutes.
  • Eagle 5 and Eagle 6: Upverter fully supports schematic and layout import for both versions of Eagle.
  • Multi-sheet schematics: No problem. Modules with multiple pages, too!
  • Pick and place file export: We have a number of reliable manufacturing file formats that you can export.
  • Hi-res PNG export: We’ve added PNG format to our download options.
  • Gerber files: All the physical attributes to your PCB can be exported for manufacturing.

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