“The Jade Robot”


Mimetic’s Chief Roboticist Myke Predko recently stopped by our office to share with us their newest creation – The Jade Robot.
And you guys, it’s pretty awesome. Even the people at Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show thought so:

Created as an exciting, hands-on learning tool for kids interested in programming and robotics, Jade packs some serious technology: a 32-bit processor, spectrometer, advanced obstacle sensors, built-in USB and Bluetooth interfaces, as well as optional cameras and grippers. Look at it like a mini Mars’ Curiosity Rover.

Like us, Mimetics is all about open source. All of Jade’s electrical technology and designs are available on Upverter, while all its code is available on their site. Check out the schematic:


The Jade Robot is an advanced interactive tool that supports curriculums in science, math, and technology. In order to create the most engaging device possible, the robot was developed from years of real world feedback at over 600 youth workshops. Make sure to check out Jade in action at Toronto’s Ontario Science Center and soon at the Challenger Learning Centers across North America.

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