RIP “Jackpotting”!

World famous security researcher / hacker Barnaby Jack died in San Francisco today.

He was about to reveal how an ordinary pacemaker could be compromised in order to kill a man from 50 feet away in the real life.

Do you remember the episode of “Homeland” when Brody hacks the Vice President of the United States’ pacemaker and kills him? At that point even the hardcore fans of the show started criticizing the production for testing and approaching the boundaries of plausibility.

Well. After six months of research Barnaby Jack had developed a way to attack these implanted heart devices and deliver high voltage shocks to the carriers.

After hacking insulin pumps to potentially deliver lethal doses, overriding the firmware of an ATM to make it spit out cash like in Terminator 2 – or Heroes, his new presentation at the Las Vegas Black Hat hacking convention was eagerly awaited.

The hacking community was under shock as the news of his death spread on social networks earlier today. Check Dino Dai Zovi and Dan Kaminski’s tweeter accounts…

Director of the NSA Keith Alexander is expected to speak at the convention this week. I bet he will have to answer a few suspicious questions!


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