First Week @Upverter!

Once upon a time, George didn’t like us that much. He even wrote once that one of our competitors was better than us. So we sent a request to the NSA to get rid of him, we patiently waited until he actually tried to build something with them, and he eventually came back to us…

And we started talking with George about hardware, software and a bunch of possible improvements to our tool. At some point, we realized that he would be a good addition to our team and we invited him over for a week. I think he had a good time with us even though his returned flight was cancelled twice and he has been running back and forth to the airport under some crazy rain. When he finally got home he sent us his thoughts about his first week at Upverter:

“Last week, I flew up to Toronto to meet the team and learn the ropes. Bugs were fixed, beer was consumed, and I learned I’m really bad at pool.

While I was in Toronto, I discovered and helped fix a bug that made drawing nets on a schematic hard in Chrome on Windows. The bug was caused by a race condition triggered when a mouse move event was raised immediately after a mouse up event. I’m not sure why, but Chrome was raising a mouse move event after every click. Odd, right?

Technically, that bugfix was my first bit of code to hit production. Even so, let’s pretend that my first code was a bit more exciting – say, something like real traces, a feature I’ve wanted since I started using Upverter. I believe traces shouldn’t break apart when you grab one and start dragging it. Physical traces are contiguous, why should they behave differently on the design surface? The code for this feature is still in review – and I need to tweak it a bit more before it’s ready for production. This will be my first real code to go live – I want it to be perfect!

Enough about code, let’s talk Toronto! To put it mildly, I absolutely love Toronto! The people, diversity, skyline, food, music – I loved everything! I’m from The Middle of Nowhere, New Jersey, and maybe I’m a little apprehensive about moving to a large city, but I couldn’t be any more excited.

This is going to be a huge change of pace, and I’m totally psyched for it.

Wish me luck during my remaining six weeks of school, I’ll be back in Toronto as soon as legally possible!

In the meantime, feel free to tweet my way. @George_Hahn

PS: Also, I saw a mountie. Hehe.”


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