Awesome Design of the Week #2,actionId=

Our weekly awesome design pick is TimothyBrown’s Raspberry Pi/o. About 75% of the job is done and Timothy is now awaiting design review, feedback and suggestions.

A few words from the designers below:

“I find the Gertboard to be indispensable for breadboarding and prototyping projects with my Raspberry Pi; the buffered I/O, LEDs, ADC, DAC and on-board AVR make it essentially the perfect package for experimentation. There’s only two problems: It’s big and poorly labeled. I realize Raspberry Pi add-on boards have become dime-a-dozen since the credit card sized computer’s explosion last year; it seems I can’t scroll through my Twitter feed without seeing a new one! That’s why I set out to make something a bit different, it would have to be a tiny board packed with features, while still allowing full access to the GPIO pins.

The Raspberry Pi/o is a 1″x2” GPIO reference board and prototyping aide for the Raspberry Pi. The project was inspired by the Pi GPIO Reference Board from Low Voltage Labs. The Pi/o is designed to slip over the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header, providing full labeled access to all 26 of the pins, plus:

  • Four 12-Bit ADC Inputs
  • Four 12-Bit DAC Outputs
  • 1-Wire Controller
  • AVR ICSP Header (SPI)
  • I2C, SPI and UART Level Translators (5V to 3V3)
  • Status LEDs on all I/O Pins
  • Full 15kV ESD Protection on All I/O and Power Pins

I’m currently around 75% done with the board, having only to add the SPI and UART level translation and the analog power stage, plus of course the silkscreening.“

Feel free to review this awesome design and leave notes to Timothy on the project’s page!


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