BBQ time @Upverter

Upverter BBQ

Last weekend was a long one and we decided to throw some steaks on the grill to celebrate Canada Day. A small number of interesting people ate a large amount of delicious food.That means the BBQ was a success!

Key Facts:

  • Zak and Zach spent 6 hours trying to conquer the world / playing board games in the afternoon.
  • Steve did a pre-dinner nap.
  • Bad faith: the conversation suddenly drifted from Zak’s cooking skills to defining what the absolute zero was. But everyone enjoyed the meat.
  • George thought about quitting smoking after raccoons almost attacked him when he was back outside for his bedtime cigarette.
  • Cheese leftovers survived for a few hours as Francesca came early in the morning.

Week end is over by now and everyone is back to hard work building the best cloud-based CAD software on the market!

A big thanks to Zach for these awesome pictures!


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