How to Disrupt Engineering

How to Disrupt Engineering

image by 

Stefano Di Chiara

At Upverter our mission is to make innovation in hardware as painless as innovation in software. We have a very simple “business plan”. It consists of 3 milestones, of which we have hit one so far. It will take us about 5 years to build the technology behind hitting all 3.

We belive this is how you go about disrupting enigneering.

First, develop low-end, but high-performance and collaborative tools to prove that cloud-based engineering is both faster and feasible.

Accomplished: November 6th, 2012

Second, reach feature parity and blur the lines between disciplines to compete with professional desktop tools.

On Track: Late 2013

Third, build the rosetta stone of engineering, unlock 30 years of design data and become the platform of engineering.

On Track: 2015

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