Feature Announcement: Real-time Net Routing, Board Flip, Selective Rats Nest and More


Over the last few weeks we have been busy making Upverter easier to use, and have removed some of the most common pain points that we have found through your feedback.

For example, take our real-time net routing, which clarifies what is happening when you are connecting nets in the schematic. On our layout side, we added board flip to make it easier to place parts on the back side of the board and the ability to hide and show rats nest for individual nets. These are just a couple of the improvements that have been made to help you design electronics faster. A complete list is below or give it a try!

Here are the improvements:

  • Design rule violation count is shown in the right hand tray button
  • Guides are shown on traces being added
  • When starting a new trace on existing end point, crtl+z will “undo” existing segments
  • Selective rats nest! Found in the PCB netlist with “show/hide” for each rats nest lines
  • Better copy/paste placement
  • Component editor cleanup (revert button, undo list population, dialogs flow into one another)
  • Move symbols in add net mode
  • Direct movement of t-joints on schematic nets
  • Create nets from select mode by clicking on pins
  • Render fixes for small grid alignment in the PCB
  • Crisper rendering of PCBs
  • Realtime (re)routing of nets on addition and movement
  • PCB “flip” for viewing from the back side of the board

Have suggestions or feedback on these improvements (or the tool in general)? Let us know or email us at support@upverter.com.

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