Snap, Crackle, Align!

Today we’re annoucing a new feature that we’ve recieved many requests for. Snap and align makes laying out your PCB easier and faster.

First, lets talk about trace snapping. You’ll notice that copper traces now snap to hole centers and pads. This lets you draw traces with better accuracy. Just click on a hole or pad when drawing a trace, and the trace will automatically snap to the center.

We have also added component snapping, which helps you place components. When placing multiple components onto your PCB, the tool will try to help you align them. You can try this out by placing one component, and dragging another around. Alignment markers will appear to help you make a good placement.

If you don’t want to use snapping for part of your layout, it’s easy to disable. Just click the ‘Snap: yes’ indicator in the bottom right of the tool, then click toggle.


All these new features are live, so hop into a design and try them out.

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