Custom Symbols and BGAs

Part creation is critical to creating designs in any ECAD tool. Today Upverter is launching a completely redesigned part editing tool that makes it easier to create parts.

The new symbol editing tool allows users to draw their own symbols for parts. Basic shapes such as circles, arcs, lines, rectangles, and curves can be combined to draw your part’s symbol. Multiple sub-symbols can be assigned to a part, which is useful for single devices that contain multiple gates. Pin mappings can be loaded from a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file, which is helpful for high pin count devices and BGAs.

The footprint editor now has support for Ball Grid Array (BGA) footprints, such as the Texas Instrument SN74CB3Q3244ZQNR. These footprints can easily be generated by entering the package parameters from the manufacturer’s datasheet. The ability to create BGAs allows to create complex components including FPGAs and microprocessors in Upverter.

BGA support includes automatic pin numbering, which creates an configurable alphanumeric grid of pins. These pins can later be assigned by importing a CSV pin map file for the part.

The new part editor tool is now live! You can use it when creating or editing any part in Upverter.

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