Upverter Workshop at the University of Toronto Semaphore Lab

On Thursday, Feburary 7th, Upverter headed up to the University of Toronto Semaphore Lab to run an introduction to electronics and Upverter workshop.

In the morning, we went through the basics of how the design cycle for electronics works, and how to do schematic capture, PCB layout, and product lifecycle management in Upverter. Everyone walked through the design of a basic schematic and PCB.

For the afternoon, we headed upstairs to Semaphore Lab and worked on a variety of projects. Many attendees had ideas for what they wanted to build, and Upverter helped them choose parts, draw schematics, and design PCBs. We even used the lab’s PCB mill to do some rapid prototyping directly from Upverter!

Some of the projects included analogue audio effects, a 555 timer based synth, and a temperature monitoring system for home brewing. We had a great time helping people make their ideas into hardware on the Upverter platform.

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