Y Combinator and Upverter are hosting a Hardware Hackathon!

With the ever-increasing number of hardware startups being accepted to Y Combinator, we thought that we could throw some gas on the fire and encourage the Hardware Renaissance.

So we’re excited to be hosting the first ever Y Combinator Hardware Hackathon! We’re currently accepting applications from both individuals and teams. Accepted teams will be contacted by February 8, 2013. We already have some really exciting companies signed up, including PebbleOctopart and CircuitHub.

Event Page: http://upverter.com/hackathons/yc-hackathon-2013/

Date: February 23rd, 2013, 10AM – 10PM

Ideation: http://ideation.upverter.com

You should come and join us! The hottest up-and-coming startups are all hardware. There is no better place than a hackathon to bounce your ideas off like-minded people and change your trajectory. You might even find your soon-to-be co-founder!

The w2013 startups just voted on which of their peers were most likely to succeed. The top two were both hardware companies.

— Paul Graham (@paulg)

January 23, 2013

Find more information (http://upverter.com/hackathon/yc-hackathon-2013/), or go straight to the application form (http://upverter.com/hackathon/yc-hackathon-2013/apply/).

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