Hardware Hackathon with Open Compute & Upverter

The Open Compute Project and Upverter are hosting a massive open hardware hackathon – and you’re invited!

You + Open Compute & Upverter
What: Hacking Hardware at the Open Compute Summit
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center
When: January 16/17, 2013
Why: To design a set of open hardware “lego” blocks


The OCP will host its first ever hardware hackathon at the upcoming summit, January 16/17. We are limiting attendance to 100 people so signup ASAP! We also ask that you only register if you plan to participate in the entire hack (6-10 hours over the course of the two day OCP summit).

Participating hackers will use the Upverter platform (see www.upverter.com) among others. We will provide tutorials and the Upverter team will be available to provide guidance throughout the hack. We will break the hackers into different teams for the duration of the hack and present the end results at the summit’s plenary on the 17th. Once you register we will start working with you on ideation. We will provide reference material on hardware design and circulate information on the Upverter tools.

Note that registering for the hack will also register you for the entire OCP summit.


To design a set of “lego” blocks that can be applied to the scale compute datacenter space with a focus on improving energy efficiency, operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Design Tools

The following list of tools are what will be used to design & collaborate on each of the hacks:

Reccomended Team Makeup

Ideally each team has a combination of these skill sets:

  • ElecEng,
  • MechEng,
  • SWEng,
  • Designer.

Starting Point

We recommend starting with a really simple problem & design that can be modified, and iterated on top of, or even whole-scale deleted. It will provide a great reference point to fall back to through out the hack and a base to scaffold on top of.

Physical Tools

We are going to avoid the machine shop, soldering irons, etc. that go along with building real stuff during the hackathon and instead focus on the design side. The tradeoff is that we will get everything you design professionally manufactured and distributed to you post summit.

Example Hack Project

Use low-power sensors for temperature information across a datacenter. Use the Zigbee wireless protocol and aggregate the heat data across the datacenter. This has the benefit of not requiring any additional wiring or interfaces.

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