Feature Announcement: Somebody set up us the BOM


AKA: Announcing Manufacturing, BOM Management and Order Fulfillment

Prototyping. You know, its when you get one or two of a new piece of hardware manufactured so you can test it. Its a really handy way to make sure your design works before you start building millions of them. And its a pain in the ass.

Until Now! Bam!

With todays release its now possible to order your designs in quantities as low as 1, on a sliding scale between within a few days and for only a few bucks. You can order your Bill-Of-Materials (BOM), your PCBs, you can get your design checked over, and you can even get us to route your design for you if you want to. So what are you waiting for? Bring your designs to life!

Here are the improvements:

  • Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) management, and order reconciling
  • Design in generics and we will help you find the real world parts you need
  • An order dashboard where you can set quantities, suppliers, priority and place an order
  • Full-service design checking
  • Full-service design routing
  • Free shipping!

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