Feature Announcement: Improved Parts, Generics, & Easier Adding


Parts are a key, key component in designing hardware. They are essential. Good parts make your life sooo much easier, bad parts could mean a failed design. We get this, and we have gone out of our way to improve the quality of our library and the tools you use to interact with it.

We’ve also gone out of our way to make it possible for you to design with as little information as you might have. We get that you might not always know everything when you need to. And we think its ridiculous to artificially limit your design process while you’re in the heat of connecting things up. So we’ve added generics and a whole bunch of tools to make these kind of workflows easier.

Here are the improvements:

  • Parts now have footprints in addition to symbols
  • Default behaviour is to add generics and refine them, finally reconciling them into golden library parts
  • Improved part search and relationships
  • Parts can be inspected, edited and refined after being added to a design
  • Part attributes have multiple levels of attribute priority
  • 3 levels of parts – instance, design wide and golden library parts
  • Hierarchy-based views for finding parts

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