Upverter’s 2nd Birthday


Image by Laura Sch

We build pickaxes for engineers that design hardware.

We passionately believe three things:

  • Better tools will result in thousands upon thousands of better products.
  • Collaboration matters; Great products don’t get built through isolation, but through community.
  • Engineering, like all professions, is moving to the cloud.

And we just had our second birthday!

We spent our first year building the worlds first cad tools in a web browser. It was awesome. And so I thought I should write a little bit about how we spent our second.

We spent most of our second year building the worlds first collaborative layout tools. But we also built the first cloud simulation, the first integrated cloud PLM & CE, and the first insanely accessible electronics prototyping. We stretched the boundaries of our original product into what are very likely the best ideation, collaboration, and logical design tools ever created. We grew the community and we enabled them to start dozens of new companies, and thousands of new products.

And in the last 6 months, we’ve also launched our second product. Grown the team. Sold copies into the enterprise world. Doubled the community. And hosted epic hackathons, with some pretty epic results.

Its still early days for us. We think we’ve built some of the best tools in the world for designing hardware, but as long as people are engineering products we’re going to be trying to make it easier.

If you engineer hardware you should give our tools a try. They will probably do most of what you need, and we’ll cut your design cycle in half. And if they don’t do what you need, just let us know – you’ll help us decide what to work on next.

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