Toronto Hardware Hackathon: Wrap Up







Phew! What an event!

First let me say thanks to everyone for coming out. All told we had about 90 different hardware hackers join us at some point over the course of the weekend. NINETY! There was a time last week when I thought we would be in great shape if we got 10 or 15 people out… Needless to say you rocked my world. Who knew hardware was such a popular topic?

For those of you that hacked with us, thanks again for being so awesome! You guys created some pretty cool stuff – we were absolutely thrilled to be seeing the tools in action, helping where we could, fixing where we had messed up, and generally just being surrounded but such a stellar group of individuals. Thanks!

For those of you that missed it – I think you’ll get a second shot at it. In a few weeks we will be releasing the latest and greatest version to the public. And… Because of the killer attendance were thinking about organizing a hardware hackathon version 2 for the fall – so stay tuned!

Who won?


It was really never about winning. But prizes are awesome! So we had a community vote at the end of the event, and chosen by you the winners were:

  • The wireless, micro-controller based, laptop drivable robot
  • The white-noise microphone and generator for securing conversations
  • The solar powered, super capacitor, blinky organic firefly LED



I want to say thank you again (and again!) to our sponsors. We love you! You helped pay for food, for beer, and for swag. You gave us an awesome space to hack in. You made this event possible for all of us. So thanks!

Some stats!

Who doesn’t like stats?!?! Here’s a rough breakdown of who the event touched and how.

  • Attendance: 93
  • T-shirts given out: 82
  • Upgraded accounts: 67
  • New designs: 204
  • Red bulls consumed: 21
  • Coffees consumed: 27
  • Beers consumed: 116
  • Event uptime: 37 / 46 hours (80%)
  • Event cost: $3,952.15

Theres a survey!

If you attended the event please help us make the next one an even bigger success by filling out our short survey (it should take you about 7 mins). Thanks!

Bugs & Manufacturing

For those of you still blocked by bugs – know that we are still hard at work! We will be releasing a big round of fixes this week (we’ll notify you when we do), and hopefully they will mean you can get back to work on your projects. Whenever you’re ready to kick off manufacturing of your project just send an email to with you real name, shipping address, username, and the design id(s) you want fabbed. The whole process should take between 7 and 14 days from you notifying us.

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