Toronto Hardware Hackathon: Day 2 (Saturday)


I can’t believe we all made it up in time… But we did!

The hacking kicked back off at 8am this morning, and people continued to trickle in and out all day. I think by now we’ve had about 90 people participate in the hackathon in some way – very cool!

The Upverter gang spent the day frantically fixing bugs, while all over the room projects began to take shape, come to life, make noise, move, break, (no explosions yet!). Just walking around the room you could feel the energy as you saw designs that were empty ideas just 24 hours earlier.

I milled around lending a hand where I could, and in the little window of the event that I touched I worked on a thermometer with a 500 degree range, a PIC development board, and Atmel development board, an educational teaching/training circuit, an automotive CAN device for transmitting data to a smart phone, I got to see digital dice in action, and witness a web controlable wifi robot in need of add-ons.

There was pizza, lots of beer, yellow shirts and an awesome group of really smart hardware hackers making it all worth while.

I can’t tell if we found all the bugs, or just ran out of space – but the Upverter crew did a pretty great job of keeping on top of things as they came up, and lending a hand on the desgin side where they could.

Bug list at the end of the day!

Its already about 3am, and the last group just left for the night. Were back on at 8am – to sleep I go!

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