Toronto Hardware Hackathon: Day 1 (Friday Night)





So it all started at about 7pm last night, August 10th, 2012. There were about 50 of us packed into the Mozilla Community Space at 366 Adelaide St. in downtown Toronto. We kicked it off, ate Chinese food, demoed the new Upverter, talked about project ideas, and by 9pm the room was a buzz of hacking, datasheets, and block diagrams – engineering was afoot.

The idea board got filled up.

And the bug list grew faster than we had hoped…

The hackathon was planned for the 48 hour window from 7pm on Friday right through until Sunday night. But the first hackers started heading home around midnight, and continued to trickle out over the next couple of hours and by 2am the last 3 groups headed home for a nap.

Back in a couple hours!

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