Toronto Hardware Hackathon!



To prepare for the launch of our PCB editor we are shutting Toronto down this weekend and having a 48 hour, non-stop, hardware design hackathon. Its gonna be off the hook! If you’re in Toronto or near by you should totally join in!

If you’re not… I guess you’ll just have to wait for the public launch!

Event Page:

Some Press: StartupNorth

Some Inspiration: 25 Hardware Startup Ideas

What you Need to Know!

  • Its Free!
  • Bring your own computer.
  • You can come and go as you please.
  • Every hack designed will be manufactured (for free) by Upverter.
  • We will be supplying snaks, meals, drinks, beer, etc, etc.
  • No HW experiance required.
  • There will be a small army of Upverters there to help you with anything and everything.

Hardware Startups Are Back!

  • Build the next kickstarter phenomenon! (pssst: they have all be hardware lately)
  • Start a hardware startup.
  • Design that project you always wanted to but just haven’t gotten to.
  • Come to the dark side and play with atoms instead of bits.
  • Hang out with a bunch of smart people designing awesome stuff.

It all kicks off…


see you then!

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