Upverter Roadmap: The Next 60 Days


Image by Henrik Emtkjær Hansen

So…. It’s been a little while since we sent an update, and its about time I let you all in on what we’ve been cranking away on. Sorry that it’s gone on a little longer than we expected! Long story short, we’ve been hard at work since December hacking out what were going to call Upverter 2.0 and I wanted to give a little teaser for what to expect over the next 4-8 weeks.

Explore & Discovery

We have a big focus on making it easier to discover the things being done within the Upverter community. It’s going to be dynamic, and largely driven by activity. Expect a lot of signs of life that are missing right now – things like a site wide activity feed. Inspired by this feedback:

Parts, Generics, Easier Adding & Editing

Generics has been one of our biggest voids for a long time! The goal was always to make it incredibly fast and painless to create, add and refine parts used in a design – almost as if there were no library constraints at all. Long story short, we’ve failed to follow through on this. Until now! It’s going to get worlds easier to add a part you haven’t picked yet, to change values, to refine and to replace. Inspired by this feedback:

Manufacturing, BOM Management & Fulfillment

Over the past few months one of our super-secret projects has been our manufacturing and fulfillment dashboard. We are getting close to the end of development and are beginning the prep work to launch it. Inspired by this feedback:


This is another of our super secret projects! We’ve put a lot of work into how to massively parallelize analog simulations in the cloud and it’s beginning to bleed over into the rest of the Upverter products. Expect things like spice netlist exporting and simple analog simulation. Inspired by this feedback:

Schematic Import & Export

For the last 6 months we’ve been tirelessly investing, along with the open source software community, in a tool which allows our public open source json file format to be converted between all manner of schematic formats. There is a little stability work still left to be done, but we are getting very close. Inspired by this feedback:

Layout, Footprint Generation, Gerber Export

This is the big one! I don’t think its a secret that we’ve spent the last 6 months building a layout tool, but gosh is it ever hard to build a layout tool in a web browser! That being said we’re close! We’ve started a small amount of testing thus far, and will be giving out more invites towards the end of May. Feel free to email support@upverter.com if you would like an invite to the closed alpha. Inspired by this feedback:

Nets & Net Routing

Most of you love it. Some of you hate it. It’s admittedly a little unpredictable at times. But stay tuned. We’ve planned out a block of time in the next development cycle to take a crack at making nets drawn in upverter a little more predictable, a little less frustrating, and overall easier to interact with. Inspired by this feedback:

Phew! Its gonna be a crazy few months! And if you’re not already a user, I urge you to sign up and hang on for what is sure to be a pretty monumental series of events for us and for hardware designers everywhere.

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