We can rebuild them, we have the technology!

A $6M hockey player isn’t expensive anymore. It’s sadly a reasonably affordable contract these days.

Unfortunately our local team, the Toronto Maple Leafs are, as ever, in a rebuilding phase. They lost, again, last night. They have to win every remaining game to have even a chance at the playoffs. Brian Burke, the GM, is trying to get legendary loudmouthed commentator Don Cherry fired. Cherry is apalled that the Leafs dont have enough local players.

Besides mercilessly mocking the one founder who happens to be a massive Leaf fan, what can Upverter and the electronics world do to help? We were hacking away in our dowstairs lab but couldn’t come up with a solution within the rule boundaries. Finally, we found a project out of the University of Manitoba. Meet your newest Toronto Maple Leaf, Jennifer!

Sure, she’s a little slow on her feet. But she wouldn’t be the only slow and high-priced member of the team; Tie Domi, anyone? And OK, she’s not going solve the Leaf’s Ontario problem, what with her roots in Manitoba. Not to mention that a female, robot hockey player is likely to make Don Cherry even more apoplectic.

The good news is that she’s stil in development and that the research team is furiously working on her skating and stick handling ability.  They have a much better chance of getting her up to snuff than the Leafs’ coaching staff do.

So keep your fingers and soldering guns crossed for your next Maple Leafs star! And maybe work on your own add-ons for her here at Upverter!

About Upverter

Did I mention that Upverter makes it possible to share designs for real things. There are thousands of high fidellity, accessible anywhere, publicly shared and open sourced designs waiting to be forked, manufactured, and hacked on. If you’ve got a design, you should share it! Need a design, find it! Or just explore for some inspiration.

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