Upverter Student Profile

Upverter is built to make circuit design accessible, especially to students and makers.

In our first profile of one of our student users, we’re introducing you to Paulo Portela.

Paulo, http://about.me/paulogp, has been an Upverter member since September 2011 and found us when he was looking for a “github for electronics.” He’s studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto in Porto, Portugal.


So far he’s used Upverter to help him with Electrónica I, Electrónica II, and Teoria de Circuitos
Paulo’s favorite features are Upverter’s smart component connection, the components database, and the ability to export to standard formats.
Before he found Upverter, Paulo was using the Mac diagramming tool OmniGraffle, which he found to be more complicated and harder to use as a tool to design electronics.
Upverter is proud to be one of the best (and, er, one of the only) circuit design tools that can be used on a Mac. Upverter is committed to the ability to design from anywhere, on any device and we love that we have so many users on Macs. It’s only fair, since a scary amount of our development is done on various Apple products.
Paulo says that he’d like to be able to edit labels for components once he’s added them to a design and could use circuit simulation tools in Upverter. For any of you out there who are also looking for simulation tools in the cloud, watch this space! I sometimes overhear the developers mutter and people talk to themselves as they run off to meetings. Some of those stray bits of conversation have sounded a lot like “cloud simulation tools.” Or maybe they’re getting into character for some Dune LARP.

One of Paulo’s projects is this transistor level view of an Op Amp: http://upverter.com/eda/embed/61dde89f1dd074f5/

Thanks to Paulo for his time and for using Upverter!
If you’re a student using Upverter and would like to be profiled, you can send me an email at graeme.hein at upverter dot com or, preferably, use Upverter for all of your labs and projects and I’ll probably be in touch.

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