Quick! Make It Easier For Your Kids To Hurt Themselves

Keeping your kids safe now is only going to keep them safe for now. What happens when it comes time for real life? Do you really want to be responsible for the child who grew up in a padded room?

I didn’t think so.

I’m not here to give parenting advice – but you’re doing it wrong. Do your kids a favor; throw them something other than a pack of crayons. I’m not saying hand them a switchblade, but a circular saw couldn’t hurt. I mean at least let them explore a little…

In utmost seriousness, help them learn some skills that can be used in the real world. Because let’s face it: most artists pay their bills early, and with plenty to spare. While the world is just full of out-of-work plumbers and electricians.

The innovations moving the world forward are going to continue to come from the builders and doers, the engineers and technologists, the adults that we all know who fondly remember the time they blew up the neighbours’ tool shed as a toddler. We need a world filled with more doers, more makers, more hackers, and more builders. We need a world filled with people enabled to fix the big problems we are destined to face. We need a world with more Lego, more K’Nex, more childhood inventions, and a few less toolsheds (insert Darwin joke).


Before I end this and go cut something big into smaler pieces. I wanted to answer the burning question you must have right now. The answer is yes. Yes you absolutely can. I don’t care if you’ve never built shit before. You can learn with your kids. You can go to a public workshop.  Hell you’re always welcome to swing by our place. Just do it – whatever it takes.

But what you absolutely cannot do is to just allow your children to adopt your fears and your limitations. Because if you’re not careful, they probably will.

About Upverter

Did I mention that Upverter makes it easier to design and build real things. Tomorrow’s pocket platforms and the most revolutionary hardware yet to be conceived is being designed in Upverter right now. Once your kids move past the tearing stuff apart, Upverter might be able to help them start putting stuff back together.

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