3 Months In. So Far, So Good.

So it’s been 3 months now, and it’s fall. Hell, it’s pretty much winter. And it continues to be a wild ride here at Upverter. We’ve seen great growth, wonderful feedback, and some remarkable hardware beginning to be designed. It’s pretty exciting. So, what’s next? What’s on the horizon and what do we still need to figure out?


It’s real. It’s a thing. It’s powerful. It’s transformative. And it’s still very, very scary to most of our users. There was a time when the cloud, source control, and merging, were just as scary to the software world. And it’s ok. We’ll get through it. Together. Deep breath. There is no doubt collaboration is the way of the future. No doubt that design tools are moving to the cloud. And no doubt that we remain the best positioned to make this happen. So let’s all just take a deep breath, clench our ass cheeks and get this show started.


So far so good. You’re a small but magical community. You are doing incredible things. I’m very proud of you, and I couldn’t be happier.


You have spent an absolutely fuzzy amount of time designing. We love you. Stop reading this and get back to work.

Whats Next

Answers. We still have a few open questions. We are still getting great information from the community, and we still have a bit of product left to build (can anyone say layout?). We’re going to get to the other side of these questions, and then we’re going to add a few zeros.

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