Real-Time Collaboration & Shared Designs

For the first time, hardware can be collaborative in real time! Work on a design with your team, in real time! See what they are editing while you edit!
Sign up for free to give it a try! Exclamation mark!

Add your team by username or email to invite them to work with you on your design. It has never been easier to add people to your design!And while we were at it, we thought that we should give the project pages a face lift! So we called on our design surgeon to give us the great new look that you can see here.

Plus, we’ve added a ton of awesome features that you should know about!

  • Favouriting parts: We are making it easier to find parts that you know and like to use. Search will be taking this into account when you are logged in.  I can’t wait to see my favourites skyrocket to top of search!
  • Tutorials: We’ve created a tutorial section to help you navigate the site and use our features.
  • Easier part creation: Introducing mouseless part creation! When editing pins on a part, just press enter to save it and go to the next pin, all the way around the part.
  • Fork with history: Design history is now copied when you fork a design. Try forking one of our featured designs. And while you’re at it, take a look at the project fork list on the project page.
  • Gravatars: We’ve hooked up your profiles to Gravatar. If you didn’t have a Gravatar, you get a little robot!
  • Increased tool stability: We’ve been busy making lots of improvements to the schematic capture tool, to increase its stability and help us track down bugs in the future.
  • Netlist and export fixes: Some designs would not export netlists or to our open JSON format, but we’ve been good little beavers and this has been fixed.
  • Now with more exclamation marks!

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 or sign up for free to give these awesome new features a try! Woohoo!

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