Upverter Launches Publicly!

Big news! About 24 hours ago we launched Upverter – the fastest way to design hardware. The coverage so far has been incredible!

Check out our presentation @ DEMO 2011!


“The Upverter product is undoubtedly a game-changer for the open-source hardware community, which itself has world-changing aspirations… But the Upverter team’s goal isn’t just to revolutionize open-source hardware design. They also want to fundamentally change the way all hardware is designed.”


“Upverter is a SaaS solution that sets out to make it easier for virtual teams to coalesce and collaborate at a distance. It remains to be seen whether this new tool is enough to unleash a flood of creative individuals.”


“Upverter has the features we would expect – forking, versioning, and integration with Github for a project’s code. Already there’s a few cool projects, like a PIC programmer, a TV-B-Gone, and a tiny version of Conway’s Game Of Life.”


And its all still going well too. The servers are still up (barely!), people are creating accounts like crazy, and the response has generally been very, very positive.

In the event that you stumbled here unawares, or through some of the coverage, allow me to explain…

Upverter is the fastest way to prototype hardware. By moving isolated tools to the cloud, introducing crowdsourcing into the workflow, and removing the friction from rapid prototyping our users are able to develop tomorrow’s hardware, faster than ever. It’s no longer design from scratch, but instead it’s building on the collective knowledge and experience of our community of designers.

For more on the sales pitch, look no further than our website.

We built Upverter because we come from this world. We used the isolated tools. We designed the same power supplies, and entered the same part info dozens of times. We made mistakes and let out our share of smoke. We saw a better world, with more innovation, and fast design cycles fueled by the collaboration and crowd-sourcing that is made possible by moving tools to the web.

For more on our history, vision, latest features, tutorials, or all-star users check-out some of these other posts/links.

You should setup a free account and give upverter a try!


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