Release of the Week

I am happy to announce a significant release today (cue the champagne and roses…). Its been a long time coming – and we know its been a week or so since we’ve pushed a visible update, so were excited to be finally able to point at all the cool stuff we have been working on! We have been working on and rolling out the back-end features in preparation for this release over the past week – and now we have finally turned-on the front end stuff. Hurray!

We have a ton of new features and many bug fixes all based on user feedback. And as always there is lots more to come – but please oh please keep letting us know how we can make it better.

Features in this Release:

  • Design History
  • Part History
  • BOM
  • More symbol types
  • New Look and Feel
  • Change Password

What does this mean for you? well let me tell you!

Design History:

Design history V0.00001 is out, and we are looking for feedback, there is a lot more to come, but we are now officially the very first schematic capture program EVER to have version control. For starters you can now view previous snapshots – to see what a design looked like in the past, you can fork previous snapshots – which is kinda like going back in time and making a copy of a design.

Part History:

Parts are versioned too! This lets you go back in time and see previous versions of a part.


BOM! Where?!?! no, not bomb but BOM. The BOM is the bill of materials, ie what parts make up a design. So now you can see what parts are in a design and how many were used.

New Look and Feel:

We have added a little colour to the mix, and added a couple of new dialogs to help navigation and give better feedback on actions. We also restructured some URLs, mainly the parts library, which can be found at (was before) and the eda tool is now (was While we were at it we added a handful of new symbols, and made it easier to select the one that you want and made some of our error messages better.

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