Drinkup UWaterloo!

On Thursday night we hosted our first ever drinkup at the University of Waterloo and it was a huge success! It was a pretty exclusive event – we hand picked and invited about 15 of the best and brightest upper years coops from CS, and Engineering come out and share a beer or 7.Despite the hype it was a pretty laid back event – no real agenda, no lecture, no marketing dweebs, and no HR bullshit – just a couple cool engineers hanging having a couple brews and chatting. Like I said it was awesome – I couldnt have hoped for anything more! Big thanks to Rohan for making it happen! And extra big thanks to the Coops for coming!

As a company we are about 50% coops right now, and you guys are gonna be a big part of us winning or losing. We are just thrilled that the best of you are soo excited about making the world better – its about more than titles, pay-checks and free lunches. Its about making stuff better and the people you work with. And you guys get that. So thanks!

Chris telling stories about how we beat him…

Stevie giving away all our secrets…

Rohan and the guys chatting about the event…

The stragglers chatting about Node.js and collaboration…

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