Our First Moving Day!

Today is moving day! And as a result Jaco and the coops get to participate in our first ever and very ritual rite-of-startup-passage office move. We’ve been working out of a temporary space downtown Toronto – it was a nice enough apartment where we were able to rearrange the furniture to the point that we could setup desks and work out of the space.It was far from perfect: hard for everyone to get in to (the doormen were bribed), not very roomy (think 6 dudes working in a cramped living room), and full of old people furniture. But we needed something and it worked. Today we are moving in to what we are all hoping is our home for a little while. Its a beautiful townhouse downtown. Its very accessible, its way bigger, and its a space we can make ours – which we are all very, very excited about! And today is moving day! Enough blogging – time to start packing!

Damn! We pack a mad UHaul around here!

Today’s How To Guide: Startup Furnishing…

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