Upverter is Hiring!

We’re a small, early-stage company with an alpha product that’s going to disrupt an enormous market. We have just raised our seed round in the valley and are moving back to Toronto to get back to work. The founders are from UWaterloo and are very technical, driven, and entrepreneurial. We’re looking for a like-minded hacker to start to grow our team.


  • Experience building web applications using Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with version control systems (git)
  • Solid understanding of Linux
  • Solid testing methodologies and willingness to write comprehensive tests before release

Bonus points for

  • Extensive Javascript experience outside of JQuery or Prototype
  • Experience with No-SQL databases
  • Experience with tornado, flask, and nginx
  • Agile/scrum driven development
  • Shinny players

We are impressed by

  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Links to things you’ve build
  • Experience at a small company

And here are some projects we’ll be working on

  • Our collaborative, real-time, in-browser design tools
  • Our backend operational transform coordination master
  • Github for circuits


  • Large equity stake.
  • Be employee #4
  • Startup experience without moving to the valley
  • Learn how to build and run a startup

To Apply

Please send a resume to jobs@upverter.com and tell us why you’re interested.

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