February 2011 Update

February 2011 Update

February Sucks!!! All of this sitting inside with no new electronics to hack on, or cool web apps to play with… But wait! Whats this I hear Upverter is now (almost) in Alpha?!?! Haha. Thats right! February is going to become officially awesome (or at least less sucky)!

So I just thought I would post a quick update on whats new around the Upverter ‘offices’ in the month of February. And first off we are loving it down here in the Bay Area, albeit missing home sweet home (except for the cold and snow). Last fall we apparently impressed someone enough that they flew us down for a couple months of intense startup training – and its going great! We’ve met so many cool new friends and colleagues. Its awesome.

A very big part of the program is release early and often, and its keeping us true to our original intentions of releasing something (anything!) and working with the community to build the tools they actually would want to use. Expect us to break things occasionally (sorry) but know that its just us trying to add functionality. But please still tell us when stuff stops working, or what features you need, or that you love/hate what were building. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

In other news we are starting to look for a permanent home. We are Canadian boys tried and true so its going to be somewhere in Canada for sure, leaving us with just a couple picks. It will probably end up being downtown Toronto but Montreal was also suggested as an option, and who doesn’t like Montreal?!?! haha. Any suggestions are welcome! We also accept couches, cheap rent, and empty basements… just so you know…

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